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Product Review – kidpuzzles.com

Now that LTD is almost three he has, much to my delight, shown an interest in puzzles. I have always liked puzzles because not only do you make order from chaos, but you have a very clear sense of victory when they are finished. The little guy has a slightly different take on the subject, which is he likes only the chaos. I have never liked cheap cardboard puzzles that flake apart at the edges it is inelegant. kidpuzzles.com puts my fears to rest by offering handcrafted puzzles built to last. One of their cool features is that you can have a name custom cut into a puzzle and of course the letters are puzzle pieces as well. They can only fit 11 letters so if you want to get Henry Wadsworth Longfellow you are out of luck. The site offers peg puzzles for youngsters and traditional ones for advanced problem solvers. Often it looks as if LTD solves the puzzle from memory rather than figuring out where the pieces go based on color and size, but I’m just glad he is no longer automatically throwing the pieces under the couch.

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