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One More Time

As long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know, LTD has become quite the little mimic. Now he has evolved to a state where he uses my own words back on me. In order to not only inform LTD we are leaving somewhere, but to make the exit as painless as possible, I always count it down for him. I use a series of phrases like, we are leaving in five minutes, one minute, one second or you can play with that one last time. Of course the little guy has twisted the meaning of all these phrases and thrown them back at me in the following ways. When I tell him not to touch something, he says he wants to touch it ‘one last time.’ His favorite practice appears at bed time where he has turned the stalling to epic heights. He now announces that he is ready for the ‘one last time’ book.

LTD’s causal relationship with time is always funny and sometimes frustrating, but now that he uses my own words things get pretty ridiculous with him saying things like, I want to play with that for a second or where’s Mommy, I’ll see her in a minute. There are moments when I think I’m talking to a rational adult. Okay, sure you can play with that for a minute. Hey wait a second, you’re playing me, you don’t know what a minute is.

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