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Book Review – Max and Zoe at the Library

Max and Zoe at the Library by Shelley Sateren is the perfect book right now for LTD. Why, you ask? Because it teaches an important lesson about taking care of things. The plot revolves around Max’s seemingly inability to not destroy library books. However, his pal Zoe helps him out and he learns the importance of taking care of things especially when they do not belong to him. As per Beyond the Car Seat policy I will not give away the ending, but do know this, Max figures out a cool way for others to learn the lesson he learned all too well regarding taking care of library books.

All of this is well and good but my real reason for bring up Max and Zoe at the Library is that Max has been dog earring the pages in the borrowed books. This has allowed me to say the best line from the movie Finding Forrester to The Mommy many many times:

“Oh, Ch**st, you’ve dog-eared one of them. Show a little respect for the author, huh?”

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