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LTD really had no interest in television for his first two years. We occasionally would put something on and see if he would watch, which he did, for about ten seconds then he would look away and focus on something else. However, that all changed after he turned two. His little mind realized he was missing something and started to make up for lost time. Thanks to the DVR he has never seen a commercial and he only watches shows on the pre-approved list. His TV diet consists mostly of Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He will occasionally watch a Little Einsteins or Imagination Movers, but he remains loyal to his first loves DJ Lance Rock and Donald Duck. Thankfully, we have only experienced the TV stare a few times as he mostly is able to listen to us while watching (the pause button comes in handy in this regard). Somehow it feels uniquely American to see the warm glow of the screen reflect in his staring eyes.

I will say that we do try and place limits on his viewing time and I will concede that rainy days perhaps spike the needle away from his daily average. I figure his current favorite is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I’m not 100% happy with such an early indoctrination to the Disney money out of my wallet treadmill, but at least he gets up and moves to the Hot Dog dance instead of just lying back with a blank stare. Now that, to quote Game of Thrones, ‘winter is coming’ it will be a challenge to keep his eyes unglued from the screen. Hopefully the children’s museum won’t think we are abusing our family membership when I take him every day.

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