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I’m a Statue

On this one, I truly don’t know how or why it started but it did and we all just live with it. Every so often LTD will take his step stool out of the bathroom and place it on the living room floor. He will then stand on top of it and announce that he is a statue. We aren’t talking about anything that Michelangelo would write home about it, but it does have certain flair. There is of course only one thing wrong with the little guy’s statue and that is his slight problem standing still. LTD’s statue is more of a tribute to statues rather than an exact reproduction. The Mommy and I enjoy the fact that he takes his work seriously enough to need a pedestal, but we do regret he doesn’t seem to apply his statue talents very often as we would love him to stand still even if it is fleeting and not very often. I only have one fear in this department and that is I hope the little guy doesn’t want to be one of those guys who spray paints himself silver and sits on a park bench to make loose change when he grows up.

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