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I’m a Bakery

Here is a tale about the cute way that toddlers mispronounce words and read situations wrong, it is the kind of tale that when you tell it to your friends who don’t have young kids at home they smile and nod and think to themselves, please in the name of all that is holy please don’t let this guy tell another cute story about his kid. One night The Mommy and I were getting LTD ready for bed and we asked him to take his shirt off. He struggled a bit and it ended up on his head and I said it looked like he was wearing a chef’s hat, which quickly turned into a bakers hat since he didn’t know what a chef was. Some how and I’m fuzzy on the details this led to him putting his socks on his hands and announcing he was a bakery. Now about once a week he will take his socks off and put them on his hands and say with passion, I’m a bakery. I know what you’re thinking. Does he do anything else? Nope, he just puts the socks on and doesn’t even make a hat. He just puts his socks on his hands and announces that he is a bakery and you what, if you saw it, trust me that is all you need.

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