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Book Review- How Do You Measure Length and Distance?

Getting LTD to stand against the wall to be measured has never been an easy task. In our on going battle to get him to simply put his feet against the wall and stand up straight we turned to 2010’s How Do You Measure Length and Distance? By Thomas K. and Heather Adamson. The book features large bright photos of items big and small being measured. For instance, Gary the guinea pig is 7 inches long according to the purple ruler. I kind of like that they used real pictures instead of drawings it feels more scientific. The book starts off with basic concepts like Sue using her foot and hands to measure her plant and builds to showing a car dashboard to see how far Sue’s car went (spoiler alert, the answer is 5 miles). The story concludes by listing some measuring facts about the tallest dog, sunflower, tree and people. Perhaps the best feature of the book is when we find out that Barney the dog is longer than three Garys (he is the guinea pig if you didn’t remember).

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