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Book Review – Pirate Pete

There comes a time every so often when LTD’s behavior patterns work out for the best. In this instance his forcing me to read a book over and over again is something I don’t mind. Pirate Pete’s Talk Like a Pirate is such a book. I truly laugh each time I read it, which is usually ten seconds after I finish it thanks to the little guy saying, ‘again.’ Amazingly, a brother and sister team, Kim and Doug Kennedy created this cool book which stars their character Pirate Pete star of two other stories. The tale follows Pirate Pete’s quest to fill his ship with a new crew in order to set sail for adventure. Pete heads to Rascal Island to get pirate candidates, but he has very specific demands on any new recruit. In addition to knowing the ins and outs of sailing and plundering they must also talk like a pirate. It is a deal breaker. I know what you’re thinking, what’s so hard about that and I’m sure Pete will be flexible during the hiring process. Well, you would be wrong, matey.

The narrative follows a simple pattern. A candidate steps forward and after doing well on their particular pirate task is about to be offered a cool pirate job, but they fail to speak correctly and find themselves walking the plank. Ye gots to be stubborn and mighty cranky,
Ye gots to be dirty and awfully stanky! Ye gots to load a cannon and know how to fire it, But most of all, ye gots to talk like a pirate!

Here is a typical exchange. Pete: And judgin’ by the gold and rubies yer flauntin’, I reckon ye’ve done some plunderin’ in yer day. Rascal: That is correct. I’ve misappropriated a number of fine jewels without permission.

These guys just don’t talk like pirates and so they fail the job interview and find themselves swimming for home. LTD digs this book and I have a blast reading it over and over again. I have my own Pirate Pete voice that only hurts my throat after the third reading. My conclusion is that this one beats the pokey little puppy any day.

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