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The Cat

I was cruising threw Walmart a few days after Halloween and LTD and I spied the 75% off Halloween merchandise. The aisle was pretty gutted, but the little guy did lay his hands on a cat costume complete with mask, bow tie and tail. The price was a sweet $1.50 with the only catch being the outfit’s target audience (per the packaging instructions) was the four-year-old girl. For a buck and half I don’t care if the costume was for Batman’s occasionally girlfriend Catwoman, I’ll get it for the boy. I also knew that like most things in LTD’s sphere of influence he would play with it for a few days and then forget it exists. LTD did not disappoint, for the next two days the little guy was a cat everywhere we went. The clerk at CVS thought he was cute, a cute girl but still it counts. The best part of the costume was the bow tie since he never really kept the mask on. Another highlight of our discounted post-Halloween fun was the sight of the little guy literally chasing his tail. 

And like clockwork, as quickly as the cat gear came into our lives it went away tossed in the pile of toddler attention span waste. He sometimes wears the bowtie when he finds it and he looks like quite the young gentleman despite the presence of glittery polka dots.

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