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Product Review – Plush Puffs

Two interesting things have happened on the East Coast. One, winter came early in the form of a pre-Halloween snowstorm and two, LTD has discovered hot chocolate. As traditionalists, The Mommy and I believe hot cocoa should be served with a marshmallow. I know what you are thinking, we let our toddler drink scalding hot chocolate and are monsters, but you would be wrong as The Mommy just warms up some chocolate milk and since he doesn’t know what actual cocoa is everyone wins. I’m not one for fancy things, but I am one for sweets and I have recently become addicted to Plush Puffs Caramel Swirl Marshmallows. The Mommy has taken to the Peppermint as we both allow them to melt in out cocoa.

As an aside, I have been drinking Swiss Miss instant cocoa for over thirty years now and it wasn’t until five years ago I have been drinking it correctly. It turns out that the directions call for non-boiling water and ever since I found that out and discovered what the beverage was suppose to taste like I have been drinking a lot of it. The marshmallows come in other flavors like Gingerbread, but I remain loyal to caramel. We shall see what happens in the summer when we use Plush Puffs to make smores.

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