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Product Review – Jr. Astronaut

While on a trip to our nation’s capital a buddy of mine saw something awesome and immediately thought of LTD. He was in the airport and spied a realistic Astronaut costume. Aeromax toys make a long line of professional costumes including firefighter and police officer, but the Jr. Astronaut costume is truly out of this world (I couldn’t resist). The suit comes in pretty much all sizes from infant to adult. The realistic outfit comes in orange or white and features patches, buckles, zippers and a cap (which LTD won’t wear). This is one of those things that makes me jealous that the little guy has so much cooler stuff than me. Sadly, since the shuttle program ended all this role playing is pretty much just for fantasy, but maybe it will inspire him to reach for the stars anyway. Not that I want my refrigerator to break but it would be awesome to get a new one and turn the box into a wicked cool rocket ship. Since the little guy is old enough now to really appreciate Halloween the Jr. Astronaut gear came in handy as a back up costume for the numerous spooky activities we attended.

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