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I Had A Good Nap Daddy

Over the last year LTD has chosen to break from our tight routine on numerous occasions. Most of these acts of rebellion concern the areas of napping and bedtime. In the beginning, it was two naps a day and a tight 8pm bedtime. My friends those days are long gone. The one-day time nap is now like planning a military operation. If he has a good night sleep he may not take his nap until 12 or 1, but if he slept rough the night before he may fall asleep as early as 10 and if I am in the car at that time then he is out like a light. Let me be clear, I need his daily nap more than he does, it is when I get stuff done. I can’t tell you how nervous I am when running errands in the car during the morning; it’s like Russian roulette (yes folks it’s that serious).

As for the little guy’s bedtime, well let’s just say that our tight 8pm shuteye party is not so tight anymore. LTD has developed a casual relationship with time and occasionally he will push him and us during bedtime until he finally counts the zzz’s close to 9. We do put him in bed to read by himself and that usually works but every so often he will choose the post 8 hour to jump on the bed or kick the safety don’t-fall-off-the-bed gate. The Mommy and I try not to but sometimes eat dinner after he goes to bed and if he pushes us to almost 9 that means we eat late, which is not good for my tummy. The only bright side to LTD’s new sleep schedule is that half the time he will get in bed by himself for either a nap or a full night sleep. All he asks is a story and to be tucked in and on those days we can all get some rest.

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