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Book Review – Katie Woo Has the Flu

Now that everyone in this house has been sick off and on for the last few months I think it make sense to present Fran Manushkin’s Katie Woo Has the Flu, the only book in the Katie Woo series that deals exclusively with being sick. Now as long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know I hate ruining the ending or putting any spoilers in my reviews, but I’m not telling any tales out of school by revealing that which the books title already does. Katie Woo isn’t just sick with any old cold, she has the Flu and this nasty bug comes complete with all the symptoms including a fever dream where Katie thinks she is a Polar Bear. The story deals with her missing school and her friends, but things work out in the end and again it isn’t spoiling things to mention that she does not end up in the Intensive Care Unit. Katie Woo Has the Flu also has a few items at the end that are a little above LTD’s pay grade right now like a glossary and a recipe for bugs on a log. As winter progresses let’s hope that Katie Woo is the only one who gets sick since everyone in this house got a flu shot.

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