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Book Review – Animal Fun

The days of Where’s Waldo are over. Sarah L. Schuette’s Animal Fun, which if part of the Spot-It Challenge series of books takes the Where’s Waldo and gives it a hip edge. The book features a two-page spread of cool toys and background with instructions to find three items. For instance on the green forest theme pages the reader is asked to find a snowman, a starfish, and an apple. The collages use toy animals, plush, and dinosaurs to fill the scenes. Now that LTD spends a fair amount of time looking at books, Animal Fun holds his attention without having to know the story. The spread have themes including the black and white area with soccer balls, cows and Dalmatians, while the water pages feature whales, ships and dolphins. So the real question is, how hard is it to find the hidden items? To be truthful I was able to complete the three item checklist in no time flat, but then again I’m wicked smart, the toddler set needs a little more time and lot more hand holding to locate the polar bear and police car.

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