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Tickle, Tickle, Tickle

Three little words can mean the difference between getting attacked by a toddler and not. It happens randomly and without any warning. Suddenly, LTD will turn, raise his arms, put his hands out and shout, ‘tickle, tickle, tickle.’ He is without mercy, so don’t bother yelling stop. Sadly, we have only ourselves to blame, for you see, The Mommy and I created this monster and now we have to live with him. The only moment of satisfaction comes during the part I like to call Payback. They say revenge is a dish best served under the armpits, but sometime it is just easier to go for the stomach. They also say you can have a great tickle time with the feet but they obviously have never been kicked in the face. We have learned to live with the little guy’s condition and constantly try and make the best of it. The only real trouble arises when one of us doesn’t laugh, that only makes the process start over and last longer. Lastly, LTD’s practice has recently caused a wedge between The Mommy and I as we have been forced to think of ourselves first with quick thinking and the phrase, ‘go tickle mommy.’

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