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Some Assembly Required

We can chalk this one up to ‘I thought it was a good idea at the time.’ We needed to get LTD a proper step stool so he could get into his big boy bed without performing a circus routine. I wanted one that looked like little steps and the best thing we found was actually at Ikea. After surviving the trip to the furniture superstore I wanted to just put the step stool together real quick so the little guy could use it that evening. Of course it didn’t really have that many pieces so in my infinite wisdom I figured LTD would make a great assistant. What lesson did I learn? Never let a two and half year old boy help you make Ikea furniture. About two seconds into the project I had one of those what was I thinking moments. LTD had no interest in assembling the pieces in the proper order or assisting me by handing me the bolts or wrench. At one point he took off with one of the stool legs and that set our progress back a few minutes. Another great thing he kept doing was handing me pieces and asking the question he asks of everything, ‘what’s that?’ The only problem is that the stool only had like three different parts so the answers to his repeated question were always the same. In the end like most contractors he disappeared and I was left to complete the project on my own. You can look forward to my annual never let a blank year old boy help you make Ikea furniture until we finally get it right.

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