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Product Review – Sand-Off

As a rule I don’t love the beach, mainly due to my childhood touching of gross things in the frigid water, sand in the food and kids walking around in nothing but a diaper. However, when October 9th rolls around and it is 80 degrees out, you have to go to the beach. I couldn’t do anything about the gross sea monsters in the freezing water and this time instead of babies wearing nothing but a diaper I couldn’t overt my eyes from the people wearing inappropriate two pieces, but I could do something about the sand. We used the Sand-Off Dry Body Wash mitt to remove the offending particles from our feet and legs before getting in the car. The mitt uses an all-natural powder mix to remove sand without needing any water. The mitt is more effective than a towel because I have never been able to really get the sand out 100% with a towel and the towel is always wicked dirty when it goes back in the car.



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