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Daddy, Will Do It Again

The only I have found that dealing with a toddler is remotely manageable is through routine bordering on ritual. The routine allows a framework for LTD to get dressed, eat and brush his teeth. While Chaos Theory may be an exciting field of study, when dealing with a two and half year old one must be a slave to habit. I bring this up because the routine keeps him from having a meltdown it is running me ragged. I speak of course of our all too frequent trips to the gas station. When we fill up the family roadster the fuel cap is on LTD’s side of the car. So I’m standing there and his gaze is always locked on me with his eyes demanding satisfaction. I did a trick over a year ago and now I’m stuck doing it every time and me knees are hurting. I’m speaking of course about the elevator trick in which I stand by the little guy’s window and lower myself as if by magic like I’m riding in an elevator. What’s the big deal you ask? The big deal part comes in when this wonderful sounding phrase is uttered, ‘Daddy will do it again.’ I know I’m out of shape, but the elevator trick would take a toll on even the strongest of men. However, to see such joy on a child’s face makes it impossible to stop. So we shall see how long the two of us will do this dance or we will get an electric car.

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