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Book Review – Curious Critters

Free-lance photographer and university professor David FitzSimmons has created a pretty cool picture book called Curious Critters (don’t worry I know that curiosity killed the cat, but not cat is featured here so we’re safe). The pictures are of amazing animals including the red flat bark beetle, spiny softshell turtle, and a spotted salamander filmed against a simple white backdrop. These bad boys really pop. My favorite pic is the Virginia Opossum who sports an expression somewhere between, sure go ahead and take my pic I’m beautiful and I’m really scared right now and you probable should not have put me on a white backdrop if you get my drift. The text is clever, poetic and educational. The only danger with the book is when the little guy makes me look at the same animals over and over again. His repetition is cool with the exception of the bat picture, which creeps me out. The end of the book is a little advanced for LTD, but features a glossary, animal history and life size silhouette map. My only suggestion is to make sure the book steers clear of crayons as the large amount of white space makes a tempting target for scribbling.

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