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Book Review – A Cheeky Chiller

Now that LTD has stopped senselessly ripping pages out of books (mostly stopped) we have once again introduced non-board books into the mix. That has freed us up for more complex and longer stories. However, when he is relaxing by himself big pictures are still the order of the day. Alyse Sweeney’s A Cheeky Chiller: A Zoo Animal Mystery fits the bill nicely. The titular mystery revolves around guessing the identity of the featured animal. The clues are written on one page with a close up photo on the other, for instance. “I have a big toe on each foot. Do you? My long toes help me hold on to branches when I climb.” So now you know the animal isn’t an elephant, but I won’t let you make a monkey out of me by spoiling the surprise ending. The book has a simple layout and an uncluttered look with nice clear pictures. The book also sports some more advanced items like a glossary that LTD is not ready for yet, but will come in handy in a few years. Perhaps the best feature of this mystery is that for once the butler didn’t do it.

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