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While You Were Sleeping

True story. The other day, The Mommy was driving me to work and the boy was rocking the car seat. Of course he immediately fell asleep. Our car trip took us past a brand new AAA center and I noticed their sign for movie and hotel discounts. LTD missed all this excitement because he was asleep. How do I know he was asleep? He was snoring. Anyway, I tell The Mommy we should start using our AAA card more to get cheap movie tickets and great hotel discounts. Then we discuss other matters and we arrive at my client’s house. LTD is still asleep when I get dropped off and I go to work. What’s the point of all this? The point is, I get a call twenty minutes later from The Mommy she says this: “He woke up and tells me that we can go to a hotel and get a discount.” Since he repeats everything we say, we are careful not to say anything wrong in front of him, but now thanks to the cruel fates we now have to watch what we say when the little guy is asleep.

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