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The Stink Eye

So this was a first. The other day the little guy and I were at Stop N Shop as we are almost every day and after surviving our failure to find the car cart we shopped in the regular cart. We saw the lobster and encouraged them to escape and ran in to the kid who got the car cart, but expressed no bad will toward him. My point is, that the whole visit was pretty pleasant which made the event I witnessed at checkout all the more shocking. I’m talking to the clerk and the bagger is of course bagging when LTD does what he does best and starts grabbing things. I turn around and tell him to that we can’t touch the groceries they will get damaged. I then turn back to the clerk and hear the bagger tell the little guy to ‘listen to your daddy’ after trying to put the bags in the cart with LTD ignoring my advice and still grabbing at them. I finish paying and the clerk looks to say goodbye to LTD when we both spot him shooting daggers at the bagger. I have never seen him stare with such burning rage as I did in that moment. He sported a look that suggested to the bagger, ‘you do not tell me what to do ever.’ Since this was an isolated incident and I have no control group, I can only assume that the little guy only gives the stink eye to grocery baggers, but who knows what the future will holds staring wise.

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