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The Problem with Popsicles

As the dog days of summer wind down I would like to take this time to reflect on one of the best hot day activities around. I speak of course of the Popsicle. Figuring the little guy would get in a fair amount of trouble if I went with a traditional Popsicle I got him little packs of coconut based kid Popsicles. The idea is to push or squeeze from the bottom and the icy goodness slowly slides out. LTD had no problem with the basic premise, he held the package just fine, announcing every few seconds that it was cold, and he could sort of get the Popsicle out. I noticed that he was biting it and informed him that it would be okay in this situation to lick it. He stared at me the way he does when he doesn’t know what I’m saying and then starts to ignore me. After several repetitions of this back and forth it was time for a demonstration. I showed him how to lick a Popsicle and then it was his turn. What is my point for bringing up any of this? My point is that in the top ten funniest moments of LTD’s two and half years on Earth watching him try and lick a Popsicle cracked the top five. He couldn’t really figure out how to actually lick it so instead his plan was to alternate between simple sticking his tongue out at me and opening his mouth wide and placing it on the Popsicle. I guess we will have to wait until next summer to enjoy Popsicle the way nature intended.

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