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Rain Rain Go Away

When I was a kid, my sister and I had a very cool activity book for rainy days. The book does not hold up by Twenty-first Century standards (One of the projects was sticking cloves on an orange), but it did come in useful in the days before the Internet. My point for bringing up this long lost nameless tome is that I haven’t thought of a ‘need something for a rainy day activity’ in over thirty years. However, the amount of rain we have had recently and the amount of energy a two and half year old can store up and then let loose inside has prompted me to reexamine the importance of rainy day activities.

When it rains all day, TV is always an option, but even I won’t let him watch for eight hours straight like I did when I was a kid. So what do I do when he is literally bouncing off the walls? I can’t really take him to the library since he feels like their motto of ‘shhh’ is a personal attack, so it is basically the Aquarium, Whole Foods or the gym. No matter what we do, rainy days are tough with my favorite part being the puddle jumping and the I want to do it myself twenty minute climb in the car seat while I’m getting soaked routine. On the plus side when it rains the little guy gets to wear his toddler Wellington’s and wicked cool rain coat.

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