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I Want to Help

Is it a great thing that LTD wants to help out around the house? Well, the answer to that question depends on if you actually want to get anything done or not. We have reached a level where if a broom, vacuum or laundry basket comes out, the little guy screams, ‘I want to do it.’ Most common household chores now take twice as long as they are basically done twice. Sweeping is pretty harmless as long you stay clear of his violent wide broom swings. Vacuuming is also not really that big a deal as he can’t really decide if he is afraid of the vacuum or not. Laundry is the slowest as he puts one item at a time in the washing machine and most be held back when he tries to climb in. On the plus side I get free labor and I can keep his allowance. However, if any household cleaning is of an emergent nature, LTD must first be placed in one of our two cleaning relocation centers. The upstairs center is housed in his room and comes with Legos. The downstairs unit features a TV set. I am countdown to the day when he is old enough, when asked to clean up, that he either says, “sure, how much?” Or simply, “no.”

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