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Do This, Do That

For awhile now, LTD has taken a page out of the Army drill instructor page book and regularly barked orders at The Mommy and me. Mostly they revolve around us not being allowed to sit on the couch next to him. ‘Daddy, will get up’ or ‘no, Mommy will not sit here.’ Another line of demands has the opposite effect; he wants us to sit in certain spots. ‘Daddy will sit in the chair’ or Mommy will sit there.’ Fun stuff I assure you. There is nothing quite like being bossed around by that which you created. And we are not talking about some cute polite toddler moment were everyone laughs cause it is funny he told me not to sit. We are talking about the complete Full Metal Jacket treatment. ‘No, Daddy will get off the couch.” Just brutal. Perhaps the best part of this latest toddler trend is the flip-flop. The flip-flop occurs when he orders me not to sit, I say okay and go to leave and then he quickly orders me to sit in a panicky frantic tone. File this one under couldn’t they think of a harsher word for the twos then terrible?

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