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Color Wars

A few months ago, and I don’t recall exactly how it came to be, The Mommy, LTD and myself started using colors to mean certain things. When it comes to pacifiers we use yellow in his bed at night and green in the car. The little guy never calls it his pacee or pacifier, but simply says, ‘I want yellow down stairs’ (which is not allowed). Another area where the color wars are fought is certain foods. He digs the kids Clif bars, but always calls them the blue bar. The Mommy and I are fluent in LTD’s use of colorful language, however we get jammed up when he asks other people what he wants. The look that overcomes the faces of family and friends when asked where green is, is pretty sweet. I mean from their point of view when a two year old asks for yellow what are you really suppose to do. Especially as we soon begin to phase of the pacee, I imagine he will be screaming for yellow a lot and many people will be confused, but don’t worry folks since the blue bar fills him up good it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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