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The Whisper Farewell

LTD has always been a little on the loud side. He talked early and has taken to enjoying a good scream at least once a day. He has never been shy and is always ready for a loud, high pitched ‘hi’ to friend and stranger a like. However, one thing he has also always done is offer the whisper soft ‘bye-bye’ when leaving. No matter the setting and no matter how loud has acted in that setting upon our exit he always gives a soft ‘bye’ that feels bittersweet as if he truly believes parting is truly a sweet sorrow. Of course there are many times throughout the day where I wished he could take a page out of his bye-bye playbook and not talk at what the teachers call an ‘outdoor’ voice. However, no matter what he does first you can pretty much always forgive his past volume when you hear the whisper goodbye.

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