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The Payoff

The result of last year’s medical incident involving LTD is that he now has to take a pill twice a day. Thankfully, he doesn’t mind the taste and since we call it the Big Boy Pill and make sure he lets The Mommy hear it crunch he feels like it is special. However, in the beginning, almost a year ago we were still exhausted, getting used to his condition and the new protocols that we were a little on edge regarding the pill. The doctor made it very clear that skipping a pill was never really an option so we were on high pill alert. LTD never really gave us grief over the pill and I think we were mostly fearing the worst if he ever decided he didn’t want to take it. Well, one day, not long into the new pill ritual, the little guy was just being silly and toddler-like and refused the pill he had so far had no problem with. And what happened next was the very first time we bribed him. A practice that has since ballooned to an almost daily occurrence in almost every situation. Thankfully, the bribes are extremely small, but he thinks he has won the lottery. For instance, if you get in the car seat right now you can hold The Mommy’s water bottle. Yet, that very first bribe, born of exhaustion was pretty exciting. As LTD kept taking the pill out of his mouth, in desperation I blurted out, if you eat that pill right now, we can go get ice cream. You have never seen a kid move as fast as the little guy did in swallowing that pill. The best part of the bribe is that after the first one it just gets easier and I feel no guilt whatsoever since he isn’t even two and half, but I do look forward to a time when listens to me and does what I say without question. I assume when he is a teenager he will probably start listening better.

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