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A couple times a month someone will look at LTD drawing or picking something up and ask, is he left handed. I always answer, I have no idea. It seems that little ones use both hands equally (I didn’t want to look up how to spell ambidextrous) until they are about three years of age. It does feel like he favors his left hand a lot and every time I see him use his left hand I want to say he is left handed. However, in reality he does use his right a lot as well I just don’t notice it as something new since I am right handed. My sister is left handed and so is the President so it may be something the little guy will want to try, but only time will tell. Time and the a trip to The Simpson’s Ned Flander’s Leftorium store.

I would add that people get very disappointed in the unsatisfied answer I always give them when they ask if LTD is left handed. People don’t seem to like the open ended, I don’t know answer. The experts say that it is not a good idea to try and force one hand or the other and so my dreams of having my son’s nickname be Lefty will have to wait.

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