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Product Review – Meowsic

As long time Beyond the Car Seat readers know, I am prone to spending time in stores as a way to keep LTD busy and out of trouble. In the past I was filled with the weakness of the new parent and rarely left a Target or Walmart without a little something for the little guy. However, for a while now I have not purchased anything for LTD as our house is now wall to wall toys and I have found that if I let the little guy play with something in the store he eventually hands it back with a “no.” As a side note, my mother used to practice a similar method on me in the K-Mart. Well, there is an exception to every rule and a few weeks ago, I saw something in Target that was truly wicked awesome and felt that it would get enough use to be worth buying. I present B. Toys’ Meowsic piano.

On first blush a piano that looks like a cat might not seem cool, especially for a dog family, but on closer inspection one finds that the cat has piano keys for teeth and grins like something out of Alice in Wonderland. LTD took to the ivories like a natural and began playing masterpieces rivaling some of the greats (if by great we are talking about ‘fill in your own joke here.’ He also loves the microphone, which I didn’t even notice it had until he started saying ‘hello’ into it. The piano went to bed with him during the first week we had it and has been in steady rotation for a while now. For my money though, the easy to use volume button, the on/off button and the Stop button are what truly make this piano one cool cat.

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