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Guest Column by Aunt Sasha

Aunt Sasha here. Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with LTD and his “Proud Dad,” aka my brother. It’s a pretty wonderful thing to be able to watch my nephew learning, playing and discovering more about the world. And it’s a pretty wonderful thing then to hear him putting those discoveries into words as his vocabulary seems to expand exponentially every day (prompting one to realize that he will in fact repeat WHATEVER is said around him!)

By now, my visits from NYC to Connecticut have a kind of routine: I arrive on the train and LTD announces that he “found me” when I get in the car. We head for a playground and more often than not end up at Whole Foods, which regular BTCS readers will know by the term “Whole Paycheck.”

Even in the couple weeks since my last visit, the little guy is growing in great strides. First of all, his climbing skills have gotten much sharper with every playground visit. He can now climb ladders to get to slides with much less help along the way, sometimes entirely by himself. It seems unfathomable, watching his little hands reach for the next part of the ladder. And then I remember how much I loved playing on the monkey bars as a kid and I hope he gets as much pleasure as I did. Judging by the sheer number of times he can climb up the ladder, trounce across the bouncy bridge and go down the slide –if there were an Olympic sport based on sheer repetition, LTD would be the clear winner — he is having a great time.

And he also knows what it means to accomplish something. I think my favorite thing of all is watching LTD exclaim “ I did it!” whenever he successfully climbs the ladder. His many adoring family members and friends are of course always cheering for him, but I especially love that he already knows to cheer for himself. May he always take such delight in what he does.

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