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Dangerous Minds

A couple months ago we visited with friends who have a now four year old girl. During our visit, their daughter took LTD under her wing and was very nice to him. She wanted to play toys and games with her, but he was a little too young to really join in. However, the little guy’s lack of ability didn’t stop her from trying and she focused on the fun they could have together a lot. Her desire manifested itself through the use of a certain phrase she kept repeating over and over. The immortal childhood line, “I want to go play.” Of course LTD is a master mimic and once our trip was over and we were back doing our home routine a new phrase came out of the little guy’s mouth over and over. I want to play or more accurately the LTD version which is “go play.” It was pretty funny because he kept saying it a million times, but funnier because he didn’t really know exactly what it meant to ‘go play’ he just knew it had something to do with fun. I imagine this won’t be the first time an older woman get him to do something he doesn’t fully understand.

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