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You Are Pushing My Buttons

It seems like everyday LTD has a new favorite thing he likes to do. Many of them turn out to be fads and he quickly forgets about them. However, for the little guy, one such practice has never gone out of fashion. I am speaking of course of pushing buttons. We are talking elevator buttons, walk sign buttons, dashboard buttons, belly buttons and last but not least my buttons. If you want to hear a toddler scream wicked loud all you need do is deny him a press able button. For the most part it isn’t really that big a deal to let him press a button. Yet, there are dangers. For some reason a big design feature of elevators is to place the alarm and call buttons at the exact height of a two-year-old boy. But when it comes to the walk button on the street, hey knock yourself out and press it as much as you want.

And now a word about belly buttons. It is one thing for him to lift up my shirt to push my belly button and inform me that belly buttons come from the belly button store, but it is another all together for him to do it to strangers. I guess in his defense his stated goal is to press buttons and belly buttons are technically buttons. Most people take it with humor and forgive his childlike wonder. Let’s hope as he grows up he develops in non button related habits.

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