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Product Review – Natural Dentist

Now that the little guy has taken to tooth brushing, The Mommy and me have applied the same basic food rules to all the other things going in his mouth. Okay, really we just expanded the mostly organic try and be healthy to include toothpaste. Natural Dentist makes a pretty sweet Fluoride paste that doesn’t have a lot of junk in it. The paste comes in Berry or Grape, which comes in handy since LTD considers tooth paste something that goes on the teeth right before you eat it. The paste doesn’t have any Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and while I have no idea why SLS is bad The Mommy is against it, which means my war on SLS will never end.

The toothpaste presents only one challenge for our almost two and half year old and that is volume. Since LTD is firmly entrenched in ‘do it myself’ land, he wants to be the one who puts the paste on the brush. Since the tube is a little big for him we have to carefully monitor the amount coming out. This is one of those situations where you literally can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Thankfully, he does allow us to assist with the brushing itself or we would be answering the eternal questions, how much tooth paste can one toddler actually eat?

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