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I Give You Wegmans

On our recent July Fourth trip to visit LTD’s grandparents we spent a lot of time at the super supermarket Wegmans. We did this for one really big reason. They knew the little guy was coming. Like our local Whole Paycheck um, I mean Whole Foods, Wegmans not only had ready to eat prepared food for every pallet, they had a rather large play area for the children. The nice and clean area featured: TV with Disney Channel, small tables and chairs, toys, books, puzzles, sink, cups, paper towels, paper bibs and booster seats. As we enjoyed our meal, the little guy enjoyed the freedom to do what he does best, which is to not sit still. Since, for the time being, LTD is a little mini human tornado, I refuse to take him to restaurants that have a wait staff. By the time the food comes he has already gone bonkers. So eateries that have play areas have become a staple of our family routine.

Of course I understand that these places aren’t really doing this cause they love children more than other people, they know that if they make my life easier I will stay longer, come back again and again and spend more money. I’m okay with that cause I like eating out and I have no problem choosing a place like Wegman’s over and over again. Did I mention that in both ladies and men’s bathrooms feature a changing station with free diapers?

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