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Franklin Pierce

Here is one from the law of unintended consequences. LTD has been enjoying his meals from his booster seat at the table. Since a big part of his enjoyment is making a wicked big mess we were forced to purchase a place mat to try and keep the table dry, if only for a few moments. I picked up a Crocodile Creek robot mat at Whole Paycheck and we were off and running. Yet, I flew too close to the sun with wax wings with my next item. Last week, during a visit with The Grandma we went back to Whole Foods so the little guy could play while we ate. As we walked near the baby aisle the place mat rack called to us and even though we were at Whole Paycheck the mats were only four dollars, I picked up another one. To be more accurate I asked the little guy which one he wanted: animals, dinosaurs, planets, etc. Of course the future Harvard alum picked the Presidents.

The Presidents mat has clear fun drawings of each head of state against a bright white background. The drawings feature the Presidents face with a little editorial picture. Think ‘the buck stops here’ for Truman and a rocket ship to the moon for Kennedy. The mat is great because he is starting to learn the names of our leaders and is ready for school. However, the mat is a cruel goddess who gives with one hand and takes with the other. Everyday he demands the Presidents mat and during every meal we sit while he points to each person and says, who’s that? This pattern goes on forever. He pauses only long enough to say that he wants to play the saxophone, which is the picture for Clinton. I can’t stress enough how many times I have said James Buchanan. However, a place of honor is reserved for our greatest President, Franklin Pierce, who is dead center on the mat and gets a shout out at every meal.

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