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Don’t Make Me Angry, You Won’t Like Me If I Get…

Well, we have a new chapter in the what goes around comes around department. A little back story, when I was a wee lad in the mid-seventies I rocked a certain look. It started at my feet with my green and white Keds, then moved to my patent leather belt featuring many small images of the Incredible Hulk and finally ending with my white t-shirt with green trim that sported a giant picture of the Hulk busting out. As much as I loved my outfit my mother had a different opinion. She felt that when I donned this “costume” I became unhinged, jumped on the furniture and attacked my sister. I may have even conceded the point back then with the only explanation needed, I am the Hulk, so yeah I’m wrecking things. There was only so much destruction my mother could take and one dark day she marched me out to the garage and made my throw out my belt and t-shirt. Flash forward 30 plus years later and I would have my justice or so I thought.

Since LTD loves to go to Old Navy (where he plays with the statue family and dog at the front of the store) we are there a lot. On one such visit The Mommy using her keen shopping sense spied a wicked cool Hulk t-shirt in just the right LTD size. I paid full price for the garment, something I never do for toddler clothes, declaring we must (in words of the little guy) ‘have it.” The next day happened to be a Saturday and perfect weather for my son to finish what I started in terms of Hulk t-shirts. However, something unexpected happened and my revenge got turned around on me. As much as I hate to admit it, it appears my mother may have been right. The whole day LTD was acting crazy and wouldn’t sit still for even a second, but the thing that really got to us is that he kept screaming. For no reason whatsoever the little guy would just shriek and then laugh. It really did last the whole day. I will need to do further tests and use a control group but for now it does seem like the Hulk shirt does indeed possess the power of the giant green monster. The only remaining question is, will I be able to tame the beast or will the little guy and I be marching out to the dumpster.

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