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The Cat’s in the Cradle….

I suspect that it is the most cliché thing in the world, a dad wanting to play catch with his son. Well, I’m here to tell you it has finally happened. Only it wasn’t me that experienced LTD first game of catch, but our friend Sarah. More on that in a bit. A few months ago, The Mommy and I were in the little guy’s room and he seemed to be into one of the balls we have made available to him. The Mommy suggested we play catch and so with us alternating sitting behind him and holding his hands we threw the ball back and forth. With our help LTD was able to catch the ball and every time it happened he let out not a victory cry but instead a full belly laugh. So the back and forth wasn’t really about developing hand eye coordination but the joy of listening to the little guy laugh wicked hard. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and he as ready for the big show.

Our friends Mike and Sarah hosted a Memorial Day petite soirée and the LTD was in the full no sit still zone. After chasing him everywhere Sarah grabbed the foam football and played catch with him. Before we knew what was happening LTD was catching the ball all by himself and getting ready for the NFL hall of fame. It was amazing, Sarah was counting down from three and then lighting tossing the ball wide side out and LTD was grabbing it up like a hug. Yeah, we got the video camera out and enjoyed some ‘did you see that?’ milestone moments.

Lately, it has been a little hard to get him to catch the ball due to his lack of focus. However, the real challenge has been when I use the phrase, keep your eye on the ball. He takes it very literally and starts squinting and walking towards the ball when I stop him and switch to the easier to interpret, watch the ball. I haven’t yet been able to truly capture the magic of that day and he doesn’t seem ready to play catch again soon, but the good news is that he has no problem watching two hours of Imagination Movers, so who needs sports?

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