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Product Review – 3-in-1 Potty

I am always wary when a product claims multiple uses, but I am forced to admit that Jahgoo’s 3-in-1: Potty.ToiletSeat.StepStool delivers as promised. The 3-in-1 passed the first test, which was to get through The Mommy, who is the gatekeeper of all things stylish. The second test was that the little guy when presented with the 3-in-1 flipped it over and used it as a stool to climb into the highchair by himself. After The Mommy and I got over the fact that our little baby just put himself in the high chair we decided that it was indeed time for a step stool. Additionally, the little guy now wants to wash his own hands and thus a step stool is also required. However, while we aren’t quite there yet the 3-in1’s raison d’etre is to be a great potty. And when the time comes to go up on the big boy toilet the 3-in-1 splits apart like in a Micheal Bay film. It is in this capacity that the step stool makes a nice place for the little guy to put his feet.

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