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Book Review – Happy Birthday, Little Pookie

I think an argument could be made that Sandra Boynton is close approaching Dr. Seuss status in terms of being a staple in the childhood of most American children. And it is no secret that she doesn’t need anyone to ‘discover’ her or sing her praises. However, her new book series starring Pookie the little pig, as The Mommy says, seems to be written as if she was using LTD as the model. So far, Boynton has put out four Little Pookie titles, and while the little guy enjoys them all our favorite is Happy Birthday, Little Pookie.

Of course the story begins early in the am as Pookie wakes up his parents to inform them it is indeed his birthday and then the bargaining begins about what good things will happen if he goes back to bed. Needless to say he goes back to bed, but only briefly. The Mommy and I enjoy the reading LTD the book even if we always hit a road block half way through. Little Pookie’s dad makes him a special animal shaped pancake for his birthday breakfast. Even though the pancake is clearly in the shape of a pig and more specifically, Pookie, LTD always calls it a cow pancake. We have given up trying to win this battle and since he always cracks up when looking at the pancake it is probably best to let sleeping pigs lie.

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