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You Can Keep Your Hat On

It has been said many times by philosophers and statesmen smarter than me, but it bears repeating, you haven’t truly lived until you have watched your two year old (who is wearing shorts and a t-shirt) ask to put on his winter boots and hat and walk around the house when it is 75 degrees outside. You just haven’t. The best thing that LTD occasionally does is ask to wear his winter hat when he is sitting in the highchair eating bananas. And just to keep things fresh he will, every now and again, try and put on his winter gloves or The Mommy’s gloves in order to better walk around the house. I know what you are thinking, but what is the icing on the cake? Well, today while wearing flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt to better enjoy the warm sun when asked to put on his light weight, neck covering sun hat he instead insisted on wearing his fleece winter hat with pictures of the cow jumping over the moon. In conclusion, it is a good thing no one saw us at the playground because I’m sure a call to child services would have been made.

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