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Product Review – Hoppop Stepstool

So LTD is reaching an age where he is doing things that I can actually remember doing (okay, they are faint recollections). Now that he has a step stool he is standing at the sink if only for a moment, which is all his attention span allows. While I had an old school wooden step stool the little guy is going modern and cool. He has been rocking the Monti from Hoppop and unlike mine it don’t have no clowns on it. Per The Mommy’s mandate a lot of our baby products are things that we would leave out if we had company which is a fancy way of saying that The Mommy has nice taste and doesn’t like things that aren’t stylish. The Monti comes in a wide range of cool colors and has three white corners to complement its round nature. The step stool also features white dots of varying sizes for the young persons feet to gain purchase. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that LTD uses his more to sit on than he does stand, but I know that soon the allure of washing his hands will be too much to pass up.

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