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Na Na Na Na Na Na…Batman

When LTD was about a year old I got him his first superhero action figure. Okay, well since he was only one I got him his first superhero plush doll. Of course the plush was of none other than the caped crusader Batman. However, before I got a chance to have a man to man with the little guy, The Mommy got a hold of Batman and sang the theme from the cheesy sixties TV show and Adam West vehicle. You know the one, nanananananananananananana Batman. I was too late whenever LTD saw the plush Batman he would say, nananana. Okay, so now my son was basically mocking the world’s greatest superhero and I could only wait and bide my time.

Snap ahead to the present and LTD is a little over two years old and not only can say Batman clearly, but he can also say Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern. So what if the other day he made Superman and Batman kiss, the fact that he can say all their names clearly is the only victory I need.

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