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Mad Men… Well Okay Mad Toddlers

Last year, when LTD’s grandma gave him a pair of blue flannel pajamas over the holidays The Mommy and I thought nothing more than the little guy needed new PJ’s, so great gift. However, after he put them on we quickly realized something, something amazing. You see the PJ’s featured a button front top and pull up bottoms. They were blue plaid and seeing LTD walk around in them, The Mommy and I immediately had the same thought. He looks like Don Draper. And to complete the look, our little baby who normally wears jammys with attached feet with a duck pictures was now walking around asking us to make him a Harvey Wallbanger while he went outside for a smoke. For those of you who don’t know who Don Draper is I can’t really help you and you probably should just disregard this post, however if you are a fan of Jon Hamm’s now legendary character and performance than you will delight in forming a picture in your mind of the little guy walking around the house brooding. Thankfully, the transformation is only temporary and when LTD takes off the pajamas he stops drinking and smoking and returns to playing with his blocks.

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