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I hope that was an S

When LTD began speaking his first words, they were of course not only cute, but simple. Things like up, down, boom, dada, mama and our friend, no. However, over time his vocabulary evolved and seemed to be limitless. For a while there it seemed like he was saying a new word a day and things were amazing. Our son was obviously a genius and we spent each day waiting for a call from Harvard. That all changed when we took him to the Aquarium. After that the only call we got was from Emily Post. I know what you are thinking? But I assure you it’s much worse. For you see in the beginning the little guy had a hard time pronouncing his S’s they were coming out like F’s. Not really a big deal basically cute. However, at the aforementioned Aquarium he saw his first shark. Well, I’m hear to tell you that when some one pronounces the S in shark as an F and does it while speaking toddler it sounds an awful look like a certain very taboo word. A word that makes his swapping of the “e” in deck with an ‘i’ sound quaint. Thankfully, as with most LTD related matters he out grew his letter swapping and now he can say shark clearly in case we find ourselves in mixed company.

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