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Quiet, too Quiet

Thankfully, LTD enjoys playing in his room by himself for decent chunks of time. Long enough for me to take care of some business around the house here and there. However, no matter how focused I am on getting things done I always monitor him with my ears. As a toddler he makes a fair amount of noise even when alone. Of course when he does play in his room for a long stretch the situation eventually evolves into one where I utter the age old statement, ‘it’s quiet, too quiet.’ After the phrase is said out loud I am forced to go past his room to check it out. About one percent of the time he has fallen asleep on the floor, the other 99 percent of the time he is sitting in the corner reading books.

I assure you that there is no better feeling than to spy on your quiet kid and find him reading books instead of trying to figure out how to climb on top of the clothes bureau. Of course by reading I mean he is just looking at the pictures in the books but I’ll take it any way I can get it. In fact there are times when he is looking at books for upward of 20 minutes and you can’t beat that for getting stuff done around the house. Lately, he has started to talk to himself during book time so my best guess is that he is acting out the stories which changes quiet time to from being helpful into downright cute.

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