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Product Review – Quick-Click Pop-Up Cabana

While the Quick-Click Pop-Up Cabana is in theory a warm weather tent LTD got through the winter using it indoors as his own makeshift igloo. Our place isn’t big enough for the tent to take up permanent residence but since it pops open wicked fast we had no problems putting it away from time to time. The Cabana is of course designed to provide baby and toddler skin protection from the harmful rays on the sun. However, an unintended health benefit is to provide a great place to put stuffed animals so I don’t trip over them.

One of the promises of the tent is that it opens and closes really easily, and something which the makers can feel comfortable bragging about. While the tent pops up quick the posts are sturdy enough that you don’t feel the whole thing is going to blow over during a mild breeze. The tent comes of course with a bag that it actually fits pretty nicely in. Come for the sun protection stay for the fort. Stuffed animal tea parties optional. Find it on Facebook.

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