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I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll….

LTD has always been quite the little mimic. His early copying powers manifested themselves in a pretty helpful way. When the little guy was a wee lad he spied my blowing my nose in a tissue and demanded that I allow him the privilege of doing the same. I figured he won’t be able to figure out how to blow out his nose instead of his mouth, but of course he took to it like a natural. I had him blow while he closed one of his nostrils at a time. He actually produced some gross things and thus a tradition was born. If he has a runny nose or a cold we can get rid of some stuff the easy way. Of course the system isn’t perfect and we still need to use the occasional saline spray.

One of the side effects from LTD’s tissue blowing knowledge arrives whenever the little guy happens to see the tissues and then he demands that we blow his nose whether it needs it or not. Another side effect follows when he grabs the now dirty tissue and insists that he blows our noses. So like everything else that is toddlerhood, you take the good with the gross.

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