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Book Review – Good Dog, Carl

1985’s Alexandra Day classic Good Dog, Carl features many things but one thing that it does not have is words. The story centers around a huge Rottweiler named Carl who is left alone to take care of a little girl named Madeleine one day. The series is so popular that it has spawned 14 more titles, however I have a small bone to pick with the book. Since the book has no words I am forced to narrate the mischievous adventures that Carl and the baby get into on ever page. What’s the problem you ask? Well, making up the story once isn’t that big a deal but when the little guy utters his famous line; ‘again’ I am forced to make up the words a second and third time. I know what you’re thinking, what’s so bad about that? When I am tired and just want the boy to go to sleep and I am forced to use my brain and imagination when it takes all I have to turn the page Carl maybe a good dog but he is a bad bedtime book. So in conclusion while the kids love Carl I suggest ‘reading’ him during the day after drinking a Red Bull.

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